Cheers to the World, 2011 Solid wood, packing cases, adhesive tape, champagne glasses Various sizes Installation view / Grünerløkka Kunsthall -------- Grünerløkka Kunsthall is the terminus for a number of objects and actions associated with a parallel existing public and personal incident. The result radiates failure, decay and a fragmented but meticulous aesthetic that goes into dialogue with the outside world. A series of champagne glass cases and their associated contents are centrally arranged in the white-cube in a contrasting combination of reality and image. Clearly marked by the journey they have been through, the glasses pose on their pedestals with an awkward pres- ence filled with subtle overtones. Posted from various destinations at different times over the past year, with the postal workers as both an involuntary creating part and implied audience, the content has finally reached its incomplete form. The sound of breaking glass, misleading looks from the counter staff and the outlandish feeling of being both the send- er and the receiver characterizes the ambivalent atmosphere. In the same room, we see images from an archive of picture postcards projected onto the slide projector’s transport case. The fronts show geographic idyll and documentation of popular artworks or famous landmarks. On the flipsides, however, frozen moments with insuf- ficient evidence of written communication can be seen among the charred remains. Scattered information from a semi-public medium fades away, leaving the narrative fragments of words and memories in a visual interaction with the flames. A door made of solid wood is reduced to recognizable standard formats and placed on the floor as odd props. The exhibition space feels like an open box with multiple connections to a psychological and physical outside world. The idea of an inside and an outside is gathered in a centre, where the contrast between the immediate present and the distant past is assembled in a three-dimensional metaphor for officious social interaction. Thank you Google Translate.