bed trays

Bed trays are versatile and stylish over-bed tables bed trays that can be used to serve breakfast in bed or to hold a laptop or tablet for movie night in bed. These trays are also useful for patients in hospitals, as they offer them a stable surface to perform activities such as eating and writing.

Bed Tray Market Increasing demand for advanced healthcare facilities is fueling the growth of the bed tray market. This is due to the rise in healthcare spending and the increase in disposable income.

Moreover, bed trays are a popular mobility aid for people who have difficulty getting up in the morning. They are lightweight, portable, and fold away neatly after use for compact storage.

Lazy Mornings Made Easy: Enhance Your Breakfast in Bed Experience with a Bed Tray

As more and more people work from home, a growing number of beautifully designed, tech-equipped bed trays are available to convert any bedroom or living space into a functional home office.

Some bed trays can even tilt forward to four different angles, allowing you to read books, papers, and electronic devices at optimal reading angles. Other features include built-in storage, adjustable heights, and USB charging capabilities.

Self-balancing bed trays are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they eliminate wobbly folding legs, allowing them to sit on the mattress and become a bed table.

SCHRAMM has designed the Mellow bed tray to replace foldable serving boards, resulting in a perfectly balanced organic table that is at home on the level of a bed or sofa. Traditional oak in a natural or dark stained finish is paired with a white cotton cover to create a tasteful and harmonious atmosphere.

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