ecoflow delta

The ecoflow delta  is a portable power station that packs incredible features into a compact footprint and surprisingly light weight for a big battery. Its 1800W AC outlets, super fast mains charging and 1024 Wh long lasting LiFePO4 batteries are ideal for emergencies and camping.

The Delta can keep refrigerators, pumps, medical fridges and even small power tools running when mains isn’t available. It also has a UPS function to automatically kick into action when it detects a power failure keeping your equipment alive if you have sensitive electronics in your home.

EcoFlow Delta: The Complete Portable Power Solution for Your Outdoor Adventures

It’s a lot of power for its size, and incredibly lightweight at 27 pounds. It recharges amazingly fast from a wall outlet and can run a fridge for up to 14 hours.

One thing I’m a bit disappointed with though is the fan noise. The Kickstarter page and video all claim it’s silent, but when you’re recharging or using the device at high discharge rates (900W) the fans are at full speed.

This makes the Delta a little louder than some other power stations that don’t have this issue. Fortunately, the Delta’s app lets you vary the fan speed to suit your needs or disable it altogether if you don’t want it to be noisy.

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