electric companies fort worth

If you live in Fort Worth, you’ll find there are many electric companies fort worth to choose from thanks to energy deregulation. Rather than buying energy solely from your local utility company, as was the case in traditional markets, residential and business customers have the ability to shop for energy plans and providers with rates that best meet their needs.

Using the Electricity Match search engine, you can quickly browse all of your options for an electric plan in Fort Worth. You can filter by green energy, provider, rate type and more to narrow down your choices. You can also view all of the current plans available to you and even get an instant quote. You can then sign up right on the website or call a representative to do so.

Your Guide to Electric Companies in Fort Worth: How to Make Informed Choices

You’ll need to know the zip code where your home is located so we can show you the electricity rates for that area. You’ll also need to know the size of your house and your estimated electricity usage per month to help find a great plan. If you’re unsure of your average monthly usage, we recommend that you use our electricity bill calculator to determine it.

You get to choose your retail energy provider (REP) in deregulated areas like Fort Worth, but you don’t get to choose your TDSP (the company that owns and maintains the power lines that deliver electricity to your home). If you decide to switch providers, most TDSPs will not need to visit your home and rewire anything. However, your new provider may require a deposit before you start service, which can be costly.

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