Homes extensions are a popular way to add space to your property, increasing floor-space and adding value. They can also improve a home’s energy efficiency by allowing in more daylight and air. But there are important factors to consider before deciding to extend your home, including:

Are extensions worth the cost?

‘It’s important to make sure your new extension sits well next to the existing building. This can be achieved with careful choice of materials and colours – for example using reclaimed bricks to help the new extension look like it’s always been there, or contrasting styles that work together rather than creating a disjointed build.

It’s also important to communicate with neighbours about your house extension plans early on and involve them in the process. This can improve relations and may help you avoid problems with your planning application. It’s also a good idea to consult with your local authority or check out online resources on extending a house before starting construction.

A well-designed home extension will transform even the humblest of homes by maximizing floor space and adding value. And with the cost and hassle of moving mounting up, improving what you have – and getting the most out of it – is an attractive alternative.

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