Andrew Tate has built his reputation on controversial opinions, webcam business and dating courses, as well as his professional kickboxing career. He has a lot of followers and many of them find his programs helpful.

But his the real-world tate login is polarizing, and he’s often criticized for making comments that are misogynistic or insensitive. For example, during the #MeToo movement, he weighed in on whether or not sexual assault victims bear some responsibility for their abuse. And his views on mental health have been criticized as insensitive and dismissive of people who struggle with depression.

Thriving in the Hustle: Andrew Tate’s Real World Tactics

The Real World is an online course and community for people who agree with Tate’s view that the modern education system fails and that a person can learn best through alternative means. Members are encouraged to rise early, train at the gym, and build their bodies and minds – and work to achieve self-actualization. They’re also encouraged to network with like-minded people.

Unlike the previous incarnation of TRW, which was hosted on Discord, The Real World is based on Telegram. This allows members to interact with each other more freely and makes it harder for the matrix to track them. It’s unclear whether this will make the program cancel-proof, but it may help to prevent the sort of exploitation that Tate has been accused of. It’s an interesting experiment, but it’s too soon to tell if it will be successful.

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